Shared Savings Off-Balance Sheet Solution


  Magnum Innovation’s Technology-as-a-Service Program is a no money down off-balance sheet solution generating positive cash flows from the start of the project. For no up-front cost, you obtain a customized, high quality lighting and building controls system. Technology-as-a-Service is an inclusive and streamlined method for organizations like yours to install energy efficient LEDs, fixtures and controls. Shared Savings is the most effective off-balance sheet financing solution in the market. Traditional financing methods like commercial loans and capital leases are clunky and are on the balance sheet. They require upfront capital, and if something breaks, you’re responsible for repairs. Even operating leases will now be considered on-balance sheet.  Technology-as-a-Service does not have the large amount of paper work and red tape as does alternative financing solutions.

Get New, Better Equipment At No Risk.

100% Adoption – Immediately.

No more pilots necessary! Technology-as-a-Service is the ideal no-money down strategy for rapid adoption

of the best technology across your entire portfolio. With customized solutions for each facility and guaranteed

performance, there’s no reason to wait.

Put cash in your pocket each month while meeting your organization’s energy conservation goals faster

than ever before. Reduce your energy consumption by up to 75%, while increasing the value of your property.