Software enhanced, not software dependent


Remotely configure, control and monitor with Magnum software solutions. Our leading edge gateway devices (EBOX, CBOX, AP3), allow for BACnet/IP, Amazon AWS or VenergyUI Building Automation System Integration.


The most flexible and scalable wireless lighting solution

LED lighting is up to 80 percent more efficient than traditional lighting, such as fluorescent and incandescent. This is because 95 percent of the energy in LEDs is converted into light, with only 5 percent being wasted as heat. Additionally, LEDs can be “tuned” to different white color temperatures. This technology is called tunable or dynamic white which enables users, with Magnum Controls, to adjust the color temperature of a fixture in real time. LEDs also light up very quickly, which is why manufacturing facilities, warehouses, stadiums and athletic buildings are making the change to LED since they can achieve full brightness in under a microsecond. LED lighting also illuminates dull spaces far better than traditional lighting, which improves workplace safety and overall occupant performance. Any and every building, including outdoor environments, retrofit and new construction, are candidates for LED lighting and controls.

Intelligent 24 V Thermostat with stunning 4.3″ LCD Display

The Magnum Thermostat (TS1) uses wireless EnOcean communication to provide quick and easy implementation of the energy-saving HVAC controls. Intuitive controls and a customizable GUI provide a simple, impressive user experience. When paired with additional sensors or switches, the TS1 enables enhanced control based on user defined preferences, occupancy and more. With the addition of a Magnum Gateway, the thermostat can also be connected to LON and BACNet HVAC control systems, Amazon AWS or VenergyUI Software.


The wireless thermostat solution you have been waiting for


By pairing the HVAC Control Board (MTB) with our wireless, battery-free Room Controller (RPW), your property can now provide the ability to enhance the guest’s comfort, while maximizing energy efficiency. The RPW has an on-board occupancy sensor for additional efficiency. This solution is compatible with most HVAC systems, and can be integrated into any BACnet/IP building automation system.


Finally, a solution that checks all the boxes